We are underway!

The Great American Choral Reef Challenge has launched with several choirs around the country creating their own personal Choral Reefs. They are sharing their message with the world!

Each one will be posted on the website once they have recorded it to their satisfaction. And remember, each Choral Reef will be precisely the same length so that two Reefs can be layered to create a bigger and even more powerful Choral Reef!

For those of you who do not know about The Great American Choral Reef, it is a project that gives ownership to the singers. The singers create the composition, given the parameters of the graphic notation in the score.

It is fun. It is wildly creative. And it unlocks the musical imagination of the singers.

Give it a try!

View of the first page of the Choral Score

If you would like to receive The Great American Choral Reef  Challenge and The Rehearsal Plans to use with your choir or even just to peruse on your own, send me an email to listenafresh@gmail.com with the Subject line: Choral Reef Project.

Participation is FREE for all choirs.

If you would like to interact with me, there are additional levels of participation.

Check it out!

There are Skype sessions, and also options where I will take your choir’s ideas and replace the graphic notation in the score with their musical ideas.

With each choir that participates in The Great American Choral Reef beyond the Free level, I will be making a donation to Coral Restoration Fund, which is doing very important work for The Florida Reef Tract and reefs worldwide.

Wishing you a good week!