SoLI sang “Daybreak” this Sunday

I had the good fortune to hear my choral interpretation of Longfellow’s “Daybreak” in concert this past Sunday. The Singers of Long Island (SoLI) performed it under the direction of Charlotte Johnson. And it was exactly as I had imagined it when I wrote it! Charlotte’s attention to detail was wonderfully evident, and the singers followed every dynamic detail with sensitive precision.

I really like the way this group reaches out to the Long Island community.  This performance was part of a library series – the Freeport Public Library. It was a challenging space acoustically, but the singers rose above that and performed wonderful works – all New York composers!

And a special thanks to Ms. Tanisha Mitchell, who introduced the concert. She did a fabulous job setting the program by introducing to the audience the concept of lesser-known choral composers and the value of these choral works.

A wonderful afternoon for this composer!