Upcoming Refugee Mass Project

open for commissioning choirs (declare intent of interest): Currently accepting “Declarations of Interest”

commissioning choir opportunities: One per state (State Premieres)

For performance: 2020-2021 Choral Season (earlier performances of single/multiple movements can be worked out) 

title: “Mass of the Refugee” or “Mass for the Refugee”

composer: Michael Bussewitz-Quarm

for: SATB divisi, soloists, piano, cello, oud

level: Level 5 of 6. Attainable for the High School, Collegiate, Adult Community Choir Ensemble.

performance options: Premieres in Each State from Commissioning Choirs

composer collaboration: Visiting composer availability, please schedule early. Skype rehearsals available. 

The Mass of/for the Refugee will be written to bring attention to one of the most significant and challenging issues in our world today, the millions upon millions of men, women, and children fleeing fleeing their homes and villages. This is a humanitarian crisis.

We will bring their story to audiences everywhere.

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