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“Radium Girl”

SSA with divisi score
accompaniment: To Be Determined
Difficulty: Medium
Length: 5-7 minutes

*multiple choirs in the same district/organization will, in most cases, be considered separate entities.

*If your district or organization would like to participate with more than one choral group, contact Michael at to talk about possibilities.

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Major Commissioning Choir – 6 openings  $500

PDF of score with permission to replicate for use for future concert seasons beginning fall of 2018.

Your Choir’s name and Director’s name printed in the published score as a “Major Commissioning Choir” *with each Major Commissioner printed separately at the top of the inside cover of the score.

Two Skype Sessions with composer
Printed Scores available at cost plus shipping
Newsletter Updates
One Signed Score

Participating Commissioning Choir – 25 openings $150

One 30-minute Skype Session with Composer
PDF of score with permission to replicate for use during concert seasons beginning fall of 2018.

Your Choir and director’s name listed in the published vocal score under “Commissioning Choirs”
Newsletter Project Updates


Sponsor a Choir – 25 openings  $150

Your name listed on the score under “Commissioning Partners”
Newsletter Updates
Update of Composer’s Skypehearsal with Sponsored Choir

Sponsoring Individuals sponsor a choir with severely limited budgetary means.

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