My Soul Awakes – Thank You eVoco Vocal Collective!

My Soul Awakes – Thank You eVoco Vocal Collective!

eVoco Vocal Collective Shines in Performance


I had heard of the eVoco Vocal Collective from one of its members, Shoshana Hershkowitz. Shoshana conducts the Stony Brook Chorale and Camerata Singers and Stony Brook University as well as the Suffolk Youth Chorale of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York. I’ve seen her in rehearsal with the Youth Chorale, and I knew someone of her level of musicianship would only join something great – which is what eVoco is.

eVoco explains their name as such: *From the Latin evocare [ex- (“out”)  vocare (“to call”)]: to lure, to summon, to evoke.”

What a great name for this collection of musicians! Simply put, as an audience member, and more excitingly for me, as a composer, I was transformed through this performance. eVoco brought forth so many vibrant colors, so many dancing phrases, and along with that, a rainbow of emotions from within me.

They woke me up!

It’s All About the Singers

And, David Fryling!  I will make it a point to experience David’s conducting in rehearsal this upcoming season. Mr. Fryling’s approach to conducting appears to strengthen and encourage the inner musicianship of the singers in his charge. David appears to evoke instead of direct. The movements and the cues he shares with his singers as they journey through a song seem to have an underlying message, however subconscious its intention is, which is to say, “I value you and who you are.” 

To Feel Deeper and to Live More Deeply

I am a member of suburbia, and as a member of suburbia here on Long Island,  there are times I feel as if I am suffocating in the shallow depths of popular culture. Our society can exist through long stretches of time without feeling anything these days. We practice escapism all too often and become dependent on the experiences of others to “tell” us how to feel.

eVoco cures this malaise, with substance and passion.

What you get with eVoco is a powerful spirit. And this living, breathing organism made up of 40 plus singers allows you to feel and allows you to feel deeply. Whether it’s John Taverner, or Eric Whitacre, or Johannes Brahms, or Gyorgi Ligeti, or Samuel Barber, or Alberto Grau, the excellence of David Fryling and the singers of the eVoco Vocal Collective shines brightly, leaving you with a deeper world than you came with.

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