I am thrilled to share the news that my article, “The Voice Of Community: A Choral Model for Social Justice Engagement” has been published in the October issue of The Choral Journal, ACDA’s national magazine!

I am indebted to Dr. Kristina Boerger, who discovered my work with Long Island Voices through Facebook. Kristina showed not only interest in the work being done, but tremendous care and patience as she helped me through the process of editing my article.

I am grateful to the late Stephen Clarke, founder of 9-1-1 Veterans, who’s in 2006, took a chance on a composer who had a dream back in 2010.

Thank you to Lamiyya Safarova, for bravely sharing your feelings in the form of a poem while, at age 9, displaced with your family and living as refugees.

Thank you to Betty Blair for publishing Lamiyya’s poem.

Thank you to Anya Singh (Adrienne Joy Moyer Gerst), Dr. Anne Matlack, Erin Guinup, Shoshana Hershkowitz, for sharing your experiences with Child Refugee Awareness Choral Project in the article.

Thank you to Ira Costell for opening my eyes to the front lines of the opioid crisis and introducing me to F.I.S.T.

Thank you to Dr. Jeremy Richman for sharing your family’s story and the very important mission of The Avielle Foundation (good things are coming, my friend!)

Thank you, Dr. Doreen Fryling, for sharing your chorus to help develop the Choral Reef project and I can’t wait to be part of the community Martha Roesler and the Coral Restoration Foundation has created!

Thank you to Dr. Susan Davis for producing the Aaron Copland School of Music Symposium for Artistic Citizenship and Urban Music Education that brought me to discover Dr. Marissa Silverman and Dr. David Elliott’s very important message through the forum and through their publication.

And THANK YOU to Donna Pace, Carl J Ferrara, Vivienne Grizzle-Jaber, Patty Bussewitz, Ira Costell, Dorothy Savitch, Mary Diane Riotto, Erik Johnson, Betsy Choate (in memorium), and all the incredible singers and instrumentalists who through the years have dedicated their time and passion to making a difference for local veterans, local families struggling with addiction, child refugees, and soon to add another important organization to this list (stay tuned).

And finally, thank you to my beautiful-in-so-many-ways wife and best friend, Melissa, for keeping me and the kids afloat during the Voices seasons, and nursing me back to health following each one. Only a few can understand what goes into supporting a partner with a chronic illness as they pursue their dreams. It has been a tremendous sacrifice in many ways, and I love you for steadfastly standing by me, season after season.

Each and every singer in Long Island Voices is so special to me, and in that light, I’d like to honor Sgt. Norm Jardine -ret., who has been singing with us from the very beginning, traveling well over an hour each way to attend rehearsals after work, since 2007. Norm, you are the heart and soul of Long Island Voices. You personify everything Voices was meant to be and are an inspiration!

You can check out the full article here!

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All my best to each and every one of you,