Michael’s Bio – 195 Words

Newly published by Peermusic Classical, Finalist with an Honorable Mention recipient for The American Prize 2018 and recently awarded a performance in the International Society of Contemporary Music’s New Music Days 2017 in Vancouver, BC, New York-based composer Michael Bussewitz-Quarm is passionate about advocacy through choral music.

Michael’s most recent works include Requiem Dies Magna and  The Unarmed Child, both premiered by Long Island Voices and Sound Symphony under her direction, with the latter receiving its west coast premiere by the Eugene Concert Choir and Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Diane Retallack.
Michael’s works have been rebroadcast on Public Radio East, KMUZ, and WCPE, with performances by SONAM, musica intima, the Gregg Smith Singers, the Duke University Chorale, the Esoterics, among other exceptional choral ensembles.
Michael is also active in advocating for the transgender community. “It is my fervent wish to spread knowledge and understanding of the transgender community through guest speaking and by simply being present in the lives of the talented musicians and artists surrounding me.”
Michael is actively commissioned by choral organizations around the country and enjoys working directly with choirs. She can be reached through her website, www.MBQStudio.com

Michael’s Bio – 109 Words

Passionate about advocacy through choral music, Michael Bussewitz-Quarm is a New York-based composer, conductor, and speaker. Her choral work, “I’ll Fly Away”, was recently selected for the International Society of Contemporary Music’s World Music Days 2017 in Vancouver, B.C.. A finalist in the 2018 American Prize for Choral Composing, Michael’s recent works include the commissioned work “The Road That Has No End”, “Nigra Sum”, and Requiem Dies Magna. Michael recently launched the Child Refugee Awareness Choral Project (2017) and “The Unarmed Child” Choral Consortium (2019), and “The Great American Choral Reef”, with “choral reefs” to be premiered on and around Earth Day, 2019 by choirs nationwide. MBQStudio.com