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The mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was another senseless act of violence in a long and tragic trail of violence toward children. It left me feeling helpless, yet again. Feelings returned that I had not felt since the murders at Sandy Hook.

Mass for the Unarmed Child is my response to this violence that pervades our society today. Although this mass focuses on gun violence, our youth are threatened by many forms of violence. Our children face violence through the opioid crisis, verbal abuse, an increase in suicides (particularly in the LGBT community), climate change, especially as fresh water supply diminishes, and war with over 28 million child refugees on the global stage.

I. 1st movement – Title to be Determined

II. Kyrie

III. 3rd mvmt.  Hip hopera   –   violence; gunshots are the rhythm of chaos

IV. Sanctus

V. Bird on a Wire

VI. To Avielle, On Her 5th Sixth Birthday

VII. Agnus Dei

VIII. Eight Inches

IX. Benedictus

X. 10th movement –  Marching to Light (Title to be Determined)

open for commissioning choirs (declare intent of interest): Currently accepting “Declarations of Interest”

commissioning choir opportunities: One per state (State Premieres)

For performance: 2019-2020 Choral Season (earlier performances of single/multiple movements can be worked out) 

title: “Mass for the Unarmed Child”

composer: Michael Bussewitz-Quarm

lyricist: Shantel Sellers

for: SATB divisi, soloists, orchestra

level: Level 5 of 6. Attainable for the High School, Collegiate, Adult Community Choir Ensemble.

performance options: Premieres in Each State from Commissioning Choirs

composer collaboration: Visiting composer availability, please schedule early. Skype rehearsals available. 

The Mass for the Unarmed Child will be written to bring attention to one of the most significant and challenging issues in our country today, gun violence. This crisis has devastated many families and many communities.

We need to heal.

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