My story is unique to me, but I feel it can help many.
There are many paths to transition and no path is the same, nor should it be.
We are all going through multiple transitions in our lives

Speaking specifically of gender transition, my path is not the only path, nor should it in any way be considered the “right” path for anyone else. I am grateful to have had amazing people come into my life. My path has been shaped by so many wonderful, caring friends and family. Though I have put a lot of hard work into creating my happiness, I am fully appreciative of the fact that I have been quite fortunate in many ways.

Now, being fortunate should NOT discount the fact that hard work and challenging introspection led me to my “luck”. In many ways, we create our own luck, and I worked hard to find my true light and my true happiness.

My place in life is not afforded to everyone though. Still, it is my genuine hope that everyone who crosses my path finds something I write or say that can be brought into their own life to make it more peaceful. Inner peace is what we all seek. It is built upon hard work and difficult introspection. It is built upon facing your reality and overcoming it’s dark edges.

Together, let’s see how my journey crosses paths with yours.