Lamiya’s Song

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accompaniment: with Piano

“Lamiya’s poem is an anthem for a floating tribe – people who belong nowhere and everywhere. They belong to and are at the mercy of the world . As I sing her words I can start to understand what real pain is and I cry from gratitude. I’ve often felt bad for feeling privileged and helpless, but singing this song has allowed me to realise that sometimes acknowledgement and empathy is enough to raise awareness of her pain and spark change.” – Anya Singh, age 17- American School of Dubai

Lamiya Safarova lost her home and her village to the Nagorno-Karabakh War when she was only nine, eventually settling with her family in a cardboard shack on the shore of the Caspian Sea. She began writing poems to express her feelings. The loss of her home and her village had a profound impact on Lamiya. And so did being classified as a “refugee” by her classmates in school. Lamiya has a name, and her poem gives her a voice.

*Please note: One line in the poem is modified in the 2-part Treble and Unison arrangements for age appropriateness

Link to J.W. Pepper’s “Lamiya’s Song” Page

Recorded by the American School of Dubai Chamber Choir, Ms. Adrienne Gerst, Director

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