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“When the Walls Come Down” Fusion of SATB Advanced Choral & Rap styles

Motivated by the tragic divisiveness in our beautiful country.

Current Lyrics by lyricist JB
(to be edited as needed)

Verse 1
 I’ve been locked inside my familiar world
Separated by differences of boys and girls
Who may make a mockery of everything I choose to be
So I keep my guard up with every word I speak
I tend to be afraid those different from me
From gender, race, and sense of identity
You can sit me down and try to comfort me
In a world of many colors that stare at me
I can’t see what’s in front of me now
It’s gonna take some time, some way, some how
To know who I am when the walls come down
To know what I want when the walls come down
 We all have a guard that we put up to manifest
What lies between us, like all the rest
But I’m scared to know whats in the unknown
Who you are, someone I just can’t seem to see up close
So I back away for a fear of myself
In unfamiliar territory in this world of hell*
But with time I could maybe use a little help
to understand who you are when I’m not by myself
I just wanna be free
Of what has always been scaring me
Differentiation of what’s inside of me
Is the demons that are hiding inside of me
So in spite of me
So when the walls come down
We could get to know each other better
When the walls come down
We could get through this together

*The word “hell” is open for discussion.