My use of pronouns are in transition.

Although my gender identity is an important part of my life, it takes a back seat when I am collaborating with music ensembles. My focus is on the music and the fantastic experience the music provides the singers and the audience.

However, I understand that it can be awkward asking a visiting composer which pronouns they prefer. I get it! Although I have preferred the pronouns I have had my entire life, which are “he” and “him”, I am beginning to make that change professionally, and I now go by “she/her” or “they/them”, which more closely aligns to my non-binary identity, in the professional world.

With that said, I must share a few additional thoughts.

I am not in any way offended if a person mistakenly uses the wrong pronouns.

Also, I am very comfortable, if the discussion about gender identity is part of the workshop or the commission, discussing my story.