The Great American Choral Reef Challenge Timeline
  • The Great American Choral Reef | Season One is intended for the 2018-2019 Concert Year

“Interest to Participate and/or Commission” notifications from Choral Ensembles beginning March, 2018

Two Payment Window Options
  • Payment Window Option 1 | June 4th-June 29th 2018
  • Payment Window Option 2 | July 17th-September 14th 2018
(Mid Year Opt-ins, as availability permits, will be announced at a later date)

Starter Packages
  • Once Payment is received, a Great American Choral Reef Starter Package will be delivered via .pdf. 

Although this project is intended to align concerts on and around Earth Day, 2019, concert performances are welcome at any time during Season One. 

Early Registration for Pre-Season Participation
If you are looking for an end of the year project for your choir, participation in this project will be offered at a 25% discount. All choirs participating in the Pre-Season have permission to use the program through June 22nd, 2018.  To participate in “The Great American Choral Reef | Season One”, Pre-Season choirs must “re-join”. 

The Great American Choral Reef | Season One  from August 7th 2018-June 28th, 2019

* Project start times are determined by the conductor/director 
  • * Skypehearsal sessions with the composer are scheduled between the composer and the conductor/director at the conductor/director’s convenience.