How is each Choral Reef constructed?

Each ensemble will construct their own choral reef. The ensemble will divide into sections, the most typical format will be by voice classification. Musical parameters will be chosen by the section “leader”, who will lead their section in the first part of the song, making decisions as they go along. Each singer in the section will have to listen and watch carefully for cues given by the section leader. The participating choir has the option to “set” the improvisational section, so that the choir can consistently rehearse the chosen idea up to performance. 

One of the parameters set by the composer will be that at least two sections will sing the equivalent of a hyperbolic paraboloid, which can be seen in the shape of a coral.
The message sung by the choir will be chosen by the choir itself. The phrase will consist of two to five words. In the first section of the song, each part will explore a segment of the chosen phrase (even choosing a single vowel), and will sing the musical equivalent of a hyperbolic paraboloid on that segment.
The second part of the song will become homophonic, with the conductor leading the entire choir, or the choir actively listening to each other to determine the musical parameters.
The final construction of The Great American Choral Reef Challenge format will be announced after the pre-launch stage.

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