Activity Packs

Coral Restoration Foundation provides Activity Packs that can be used to develop a deeper understanding of coral and the significance of the reefs they form. These interdisciplinary activities are titled: Appetizing Acropora; Sibilating Scleractinia; Gamete and Greet; and Creating Caco3. Explore these activity packs HERE and consider a collaborative project with different disciplines to further the understanding of the coral reefs and their struggles. 

Donations to Coral Restoration Foundation

I am thrilled to have discovered Coral Restoration Foundation. Located in Key Largo, Florida, CRF is responding to the wide spread loss of dominant coral species on the Florida Reef Tract. 
For every choir that participates in Options that include Skype sessions, I will be making a donation to Coral Reef Foundation to support their work restoring and protecting our coral reefs. Learn more about the important work of Coral Restoration Foundation HERE.

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