Can my middle school choir participate in the Child Refugee Awareness Choral Project?
Yes! “My Name is Lamiya: Don’t Call Me ‘Refugee’” will be a medium to medium-advanced choral piece, but I will be arranging it for multiple levels, so that groups at any level can participate.  And “Lamiya’s Song” is very accessible for those middle school choirs who wish to participate, but are still appreciating simplicity in their repertoire.

Is the subject matter too mature for the elementary school singer?

In my opinion, I do not think either song is. I am very sensitive to “keeping kids kids”.  In a world where the news on television is often unsettling and sometimes downright scary, and at a time when anger spills out from every channel both on television and in real life, I feel it is important to address topics with all the due respect they deserve, but also with the respect for the innocence and age of the singer. One line of the poem is modified for age appropriateness in “Lamiya’s Song”, in both the 2-part Treble and the Unison arrangements.

About “The Stomp”. What is it?

In my compositional sketch, I envision a climactic “stomp” section. This provides a percussive emphasis to the statement “Don’t call me ‘Refugee’!”. *The stomp occurs in the “My Name is Lamiya: Don’t Call Me ‘Refugee’” score. Participating choirs have interpreted “the stomp” differently, giving it even greater significance than imagined.

Question or comment?

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