Do You Hear Me?

I used to think I should hide my trans identity for the sake of my composing business.

Do you remember that?

So many of my friends and colleagues would tell me, over the phone, through chat sessions, over tea, “Tell your story.” I would hear how my story is one that would draw people to me, not away from me. And, it may just help those who are in less fortunate situations than me.

It dawned on me that my music IS the emptiness and desperate struggle of the transgender spirit which was deprived of oxygen for so long.

My music IS the freed trans spirit, soaring to heights I used to dream of.

Join the Refugee Choral Consortium Project and Sing Lamiya’s Song!

My Music is My Independent Transgender Spirit, And…

My music is the birth of my children, the first kiss from Melissa, the hidden tears of my mother, the silent innocence of my youngest sister Cathy, the terrifying birth of my beautiful niece, the mind numbing unrelenting pain of my lost hips at age 18, my father lost in this world… It is also John Williams’ Star Wars LP at age 5 and Vladimir Horowitz’s performance of Scriabin’s Etude in d-sharp minor in his return to Moscow.

My music is the White Mountains, the rain hitting the top of my tent, the fog and tides of Bar Harbor. My music has hiked to the top of Mount Washington.

So, yes! I will celebrate this wonderful Transgender Day of Visibility out loud!

May we ALL have the opportunity to display our colors and to embrace who we are!

I am passionate about advocacy through choral music. I am a New York-based composer, conductor, and educator. My most recent works include “The Road That Has No End”, commissioned by the Huntington Choral Society, and the 3rd (and final) edition of Requiem Dies Magna, to be premiered by Long Island Voices and Sound Symphony under my direction in September. I am currently organizing the “Don’t Call Me ‘Refugee’” Choral Consortium Project, to premiere in the fall of 2017, and “The Great American Choral Reef” to be premiered on Earth Day, 2018. You can reach me by phone or by email at

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