ISCM World New Music Days 17

Performed by musica intima,  Vancouver, B.C.

Nigra Sum  (2017)

Performed by SONAM     Dr. Allan Friedman, Conductor

My Name is Lamiya: Don’t Call Me ‘Refugee’  (2017)

Performed by Harmonium Choral Society     

Dr. Anne Matlack, Conductor

Pacem Relinquo Vobis  from Requiem Dies Magna

Performed by Long Island Voices, Sound Symphony     

Michael Bussewitz-Quarm, Conductor

My journey is unique and yet I’ve been told quite often that my music speaks to many. What transition can we sing about? What joy? What celebration? What sorrow? Can we persevere? Can we triumph?


STUNNED! ABSOLUTELY STUNNED! I had heard ~ for years ~ about Michael Bussewitz-Quarm as a CONDUCTOR and an activist. Last night I saw him conduct Long Island Voices and Sound Symphony in “A Concert for Peace” ~ a benefit for veterans and F.I.S.T. ~ Families in Support of Treatment for their work in providing hope and help for those in recovery. But last night I also saw him as a COMPOSER. His compositions are amazing! He is a stunning talent in our midst. His “Requiem Dies Magna” dedicated to 9/11 firefighters, rescue workers & first responders is a masterful work. The other pieces about opioid epidemic casualties, international refugees and others took us through pain and loss without ever letting go of hope & healing. Bravo! A great job by all…
The Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter, Congregational Church of Patchogue


For the Beauty is a beautiful piece. Easy to learn and inspiring to sing. A beautiful mix of classical and contemporary. Perfect for worship and non-worship settings”

Carl J. Ferrera, Director, The Silver Chords of Smithtown, New York