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The Great American Choral Reef, Earth Day, 2019

The Great American Choral Reef Unlocks Creativity


  • Your singers take creative control of each performance

Musical Parameters

  • Early and ongoing discussions about musical parameters
  • Your singers choose how they want to implement the musical parameters
  • Implement various vocal techniques to implement these musical parameters

Aleatoric Music

  • Discuss aleatoric music – and create it!

Recording Partners from Next Door or Across the Country

  • Combine two unique performances to create a greater choral reef*
  • Combine with another choir to create a greater choral reef*

Choose What YOU Want to Say – What is Your Singers’ Message to the World?

  • Singers choose a 2-5 word phrase and are control the message they sing on
  • Singers choose how to disseminate this message through improvisation
  • Make it a Year Long Project

    • Allow for in depth creativity, and see how your Choral Reef changes over the course of a year
    • Implement vocal technique from your Choral Reef creation into the rest of your program
    • Implement the study of musical parameters from your Choral Reef creation into the rest of your program
    • Middle School Choirs: Experience how the Choral Reef evolves at a middle school level with changing voices

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