Child Refugee Awareness Choral Project – Second Season

Child Refugee Awareness Choral Project – Second Season 2017-11-16T10:19:30+00:00

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*20% of all money raised goes to refugee Lamiya Safarova (now in her 30s) and her family in Azerbaijan.
“My Name is Lamiya (Don’t Call Me ‘Refugee’)” and “Lamiya’s Song” are part of “This is My Name” Choral Series

Option One for Choirs: “My Name is Lamiya: Don’t Call Me ‘Refugee’”

SATB score
SSAA score
TTBB score
4 part Mixed (Middle School) score
Difficulty: Medium-Advanced
Length: 8-10 minutes

Option Two for Choirs: “Lamiya’s Song”

SATB score
SAB score
SSAA score

TBB/TB scores
3-part Treble score
2-part Treble score
3 part Mixed (Middle School) score

Unison score

Difficulty: Medium-Easy
Length: 4-5 minutes

*multiple choirs in the same district/organization will, in most cases, be considered separate entities.

*If your district or organization would like to participate with more than one choral group, contact Michael at to talk about possibilities.

Choral Groups

Participating Choir – 30 openings $100

One 30-minute Skype Session with Composer
PDF of score with permission to replicate for use during concert seasons through spring 2017 through fall 2018.
One .PDF copy of Director’s Kit
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