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New Choral Music for Your Program – Take a Listen! (and an update on LI Voices and the Dies Magna Requiem)

Getting ready for the new choral year! Hi! It is the middle of the summer and it sure is hot out there! The heat index today stands at 101F, and this has been the norm for most of the past month. I hope you are finding ways to enjoy the beautiful sunshine while staying cool. I am happy to report that the final movement… […]

Talking About My Upcoming Surgery and the Opportunity to Compose … A Lot!

Hi friends! How can I make this upcoming major surgery into an opportunity? The question should be: How can I not? I’ve got to go through the surgery either way, so I am focusing on [...]

5 Things I Learned by Listening to 6 Hours of ChoralFest (and 6 New Lit Plugs)

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to attend ChoralFest USA, held at Symphony Space in New York. Bravo to Edie and Harold Rosenbaum for a wonderful event! Even though I attended alone, I was [...]

Listen Afresh: Choral Music and Beyond, ep. 1

Audio/Podcast Version

  • Dairy free menu for kids

Dairy Free Update – Nut Butters, Avocado, Chocolate

Dairy Free Kid in a Dairy Filled World So, I’ve been Pinterest-ing lately, researching the lunch time possibilities for my nine year old daughter who has trouble processing dairy. It used to be that I [...]

5 Things My Beloved Mets Have Taught Me

5 things I’ve learned from my beloved Mets this year on how to succeed What a season! In honor of my New York Metropolitans bringing us to the World Series this year, let's look back [...]

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